2017 American Graphic Design Awards

We are excited to announce that this is the fifth consecutive year that we and our clients have been recognized in a nationwide design competition sponsored by Graphic Design USA.

Three of our clients, Four Bands Community Fund, Lakota Funds, and the Native CDFI Network, received 2017 American Graphic Design Awards.

We have been working with these organizations since the founding of our company, and are happy to see their marketing efforts acknowledged among the best in the nation.

This year just under 10,000 entries were submitted by design firms, ad agencies, corporations, nonprofits, and institutions; and a highly selective 15% were recognized. We are pleased and honored to be a part of that elite group by receiving three American Graphic Design Awards.

Four Bands, Lakota Funds, and the Native CDFI Network are organizations that create real change in the Native communities they serve, and we believe that their communications strategies have something to do with that.

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